Fear, Success, Purpose

It’s been a year since I decided to take my love of photography and share it with the world. I have been excited, scared and hesitant to share that part of my life with everyone, but I know that greatness comes only by overcoming the greatest of fears.  I have always allowed fear to have the last ‘say so’ when it came to my potential. It’s a new year and truly a new season for me and gladly will I say “Goodbye Fear”. I am going to take risks, get hurt, and happily be criticized knowing that on the other side lies great success.   

I took this picture the other day…. It reminded me of how great and wonderful my creator is. To everything there is a beginning and an end. This leaf at one point in time belonged to a branch. It help cooled a sunny day, served as shelter to a creature, maybe even blocked a rain drop from falling on someone’s head. Now, it lies lifeless just flowing in whatever direction the creek takes it.  To everything there is a purpose and at the end of my journey; I want all the love, gifts and talents that were given to me to have been used accordingly.


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