Months of planning all came down to this one day. Everything was in place. My dress was perfect and love was in the air and at last the day had come, July 15, 2006, when my husband and I said “I do”. Our special day flew by but yet one of the most memorable events of my life. With anticipation we looked forward to having our story captured and to be able to live it over and over again but sadly, that is not what happened.

I spent the money, had the client meetings to explain what I wanted and on a few occasions drove miles to make sure that my photographer and I understood the game plan.The wedding was about 2 months behind us now and I finally got to see proofs of what was captured; my heart was broken. My photographer failed to capture something that took years into making. Since that incident I never want a bride or anyone else to feel like I felt and still feel whenever I look at my wedding pictures. Knowing that I can make such an impact is what drives me.

I have always loved photography, but never in a million years did I ever think that owning my own business would be a reality. As a teenager, working at the local 1hour photo shop, I discovered something that I never gave much thought to and today it has become the art that drives me. Capturing love is pretty simple; being in love myself  (first with my maker and then my wonderful husband) has given me a complete view on the power and beauty that is Love. I am perfecting each day the art of ‘capturing’ that that is so pure.

I hope to see you on my journey



One thought on “Motivation

  1. Wow, Sis! That is so powerful! I had no idea! Truly ALL THINGS WORK TOGETHER for GOOD for those who love God. Now you are a perfect candidate of capturing a bride’s special day. And I get to encourage single women to wait for that special day. I love how God does things!

    Hugs and kisses!


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